SLAFNET Participation at Nantes Summer School

Title:   What Does Slavery Mean? (XV-XXI Centuries)

Dates:   25th – 28th June 2018

The summer school aims at questioning the use of the term “slavery”, in different places, times and contexts. In many ways, the word slavery appears asadays and the most appropriate to situations, or scenarios that have occurred in the past, spaces or social fabric. To what extent can a new reading of global context, and the reinterpretation of colonial and oral sources, offer new possibilities for a specific context? Can we trust this prospect of slavery open new heuristic perspectives?

The summer school offers an opportunity for experts from the African, American and European worlds, in the Institute for Advanced Study of Nantes and / or members of the SLAFNET European project, and even invited to Nantes for the occasion, to reflect on the construction of categories, identities, and the colonial past of the city of Nantes itself.

Venue: The Dukes Of Brittany


Dr. Marie Pierre Ballarin giving a presentation on the heritage of slavery, marginalization and conflict on the Kenyan coast.

Giulia Bonazza student from European University Institute by Antonio de Almeida Mendes from Nantes University.

Presentations in session 

Dr. Vijaya Teelock (left), University of Mauritius / SLAFNET European Project following a presentation by Salah Trabelsi from Lumière University Lyon 2. Dr. Vijaya presentation was about ‘Trafficking, slavery and the transition to commitment: New perspectives on the Mascarenes and the Indian Ocean ‘.

Slavery in Africa: A dialogue between Europe and Africa

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